Avoid Getting Into Trouble Over Child Support Payments

Child Support letters over dollar bills and gavel

Any judgments passed down by a court of law are binding and, if you prefer, cast in stone. In these cases, you should enlist the aid of reliable child support attorneys in Albuquerque such as Law Office of Dorene A. Kuffer. Many people often get into trouble when they decide to go against such legal agreements.

While some of the judgments leave are hardly fair to all parties, you should avoid taking any steps that can antagonize the courts.

Don’t get into informal agreements

While informal agreements may seem favorable, they often contradict the written court orders. In most cases, people look to make amendments to the initial deal without the rigor of the court process. While you might save on legal fees, the potential ramifications of such a move might be drastic.

If the informal agreement goes sour, you would be in hot soup. The courts are unlikely to recognize such an accord, especially if it involves paying a less sum than agreed. Therefore, the court is likely to enforce the initial agreement in its records.

That means you would have to catch with all the back payments with the possibility of a fine and penalties.

Don’t make overpayments

It might come as a surprise, but you don’t get any brownie points for going over and above the agreed payments. In fact, you might get a penalty for it. The legal system doesn’t recognize any overtures. Therefore, you need to pay the exact amount by the agreed upon date.

Don’t add an extra amount with the hope that it’ll count towards the next month’s payment. The court is likely to consider that a gift as it is not part of the agreement. If the payments are set monthly, you need to make a payment every month.

Any alteration to this deal needs calls for a court session. Anything less than that is an exercise in futility.

Without the proper information, you are likely to run into serious headwinds when handling your child support issues. Before making any changes to the initial agreement, be sure to seek legal counsel.