Avoid 2 Driving Habits That Burn A Hole In Your Wallet

A girl checking her car's hood

Many drivers are unaware that some of their driving habits can cause extensive damages to their engines and other systems. By avoiding such harmful practices, they can save on repair costs and increase the lifespan of their cars.

High car maintenance costs are a sure way of putting a damper on your driving experience. On top of the fuel expenses, you must pay for insurance, licenses, routine maintenance and repairs. The costs of running a small car might add up to a princely $21 per day, which adds up to a considerable figure annually, remarks a reputable Nissan Skyline spare parts dealer. If you’re keen to keep these costs low, eliminate harmful driving habits that damage your car.

Running on empty

Sure, the soaring price of fuel makes it impossible to keep your car on a full tank, but that is no reason to ride around with the low fuel light on. As tough as the times may be, keep your fuel level above quarter tank level. Other than the risk of getting stranded on the road, driving on a near empty tank damages your car extensively.

The fuel at the bottom of the tank contains debris and contaminants. The debris can block and damage your fuel pump and the fuel filter, which could cost hundreds of dollars to repair. Again, the cold temperature of the fuel acts as a coolant for the electric fuel pump. Low fuel levels increase the likelihood of the pump failure due to overheating.

Taking off in a hurry

In a rush to get to work, the chances are that you don’t let the car engine idle for a minute or two. You simply switch on the ignition, engage drive, and then pull away. Do this long enough, and you will have serious engine problems down the line. Idling after a cold start warms the oils in the engine and gets them to circulate to ensure proper lubrication of the engine parts. Skipping the idling phase increase the wear and tear of engine components, increasing the likelihood of failure.

Some of the typical driving habits might seem harmless enough but cause serious damages to your car. Avoiding such habits can save you hundreds of dollars in repair bills and increase the lifespan of your car.