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Three Elements of Korean Fashion

December 12, 2013 Admin 0

Korea is a global leader in many things, including the world of fashion. The dawn of the 21st century saw the growing popularity of Korean drama and music across East Asia, influencing the fashion taste […]

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Technology and Gadget

Free Audio Editors that are Worth Trying

December 11, 2013 Admin 0

Creating your own music is now easier through free audio editing software. With plenty of reliable and free editing tools available, there’s no reason not to try them first before you look at the ones […]

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Making Your Holiday Teen-Friendly

December 10, 2013 Admin 0

Planning to take your kids on a vacation can be taxing, but wait until they reach teenage years. While they’re still young, the only problems you’ll have are diaper change and minor tantrums. But travelling […]

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Vikings: The Seafaring People of the North

December 9, 2013 Admin 0

From books to movies, there are many references to the Vikings. Pop culture often depicts them as a bunch of warmongers and barbaric brutes. Some associate them with the trademark horned helmets of the Vikings […]

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Unique Steak Recipes You Should Try

November 26, 2013 Admin 0

Steaks are among America’s favorite dishes. The combination of succulent meat rubbed in different herbs paired with a special sauce is sure to satisfy any person’s appetite. The barbeque slash game night’s star shouldn’t be […]

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Not Worth It: Choosing Hospitals

November 18, 2013 Admin 0

Nearly three months ago, a woman gave birth on a train traversing Manila as she and her parents were on their way to the hospital. The group, coming from the metropolitan outskirt of Antipolo, was […]