A Guide to Purchasing Headlights for your Vehicle

Man inventorying headlights

Whether you are trying to go green and be more energy efficient or, you are seeking for brighter lighting for county driving, there is always a headlight category to suit your requirements.

There are three major categories of headlights: halogen, LED, and HID/Xenon. This article takes you through the features of the three categories ahead of your headlights restoration appointment in Mesa, AZ.

Halogen Headlights

This is the most popular among the three categories. Reason being, they are affordable, easy to replace and last for a long time. Unfortunately, the traditional model is not as energy efficient as the other lighting options, as they are known to generate plenty of excess heat. However, with the advancement in technology, energy saving halogen bulbs are being manufactured today, and they are readily available in the market now.

HID Headlights/ Xenons

This type has gained popularity from its brightness. Their light is three times brighter when compared to halogens. This makes them perfect for use in country roads and outback driving. Additionally, regardless of the amount of brightness that they emit, these bulbs are more energy efficient and have a longer lifespan than halogen bulbs.

LED Headlights

Although they are relatively new to the industry, they have a lot to offer to a modern driver. Unlike the other two options, LED produces near zero heat since most of its energy is converted to light. That means, the headlights reduce emissions, preserves the battery of your car, and give you more light.

So, which is the best lighting option for you? Your personal needs and preferences will determine this. For instance, if you are on a tight budget, halogen lighting will do for you. But if you do a lot of night or country driving, the HID is the best bet. Lastly, if you want energy efficiency and lower transmissions without sacrificing brightness, then LED is the way to go.