5 Fun Ideas for Your Last Hoorah Before School Starts

Teens camping in the forest

When you’re just weeks away from the incoming school year, there’s always a feeling of wanting to go on one last adventure before things start to get serious. Many students actually get their inspiration to go back to school from the things they get to do before school starts. You and your friends could have a simple picnic by a local river or if you’re looking for an extreme kind of thrill, you can go on a haunted tour in Charleston, SC.

Here are more fun ideas to do with the gang before diving into another year of education:

1. Organize a Beach Clean-Up

It’s always good to spend your time helping out a cause. A beach clean-up is a good way to give back to your community and, at the same time, spend some good fun with your friends and getting some Vitamin D from the morning sun.

2. Go on a Zero-Gadget Camping Trip

Unplugging from technology every once in a while is good for the mind, body, and soul. Leave your phones and tablets at home and pitch your tent with some friends. Start a bonfire, play your guitar under the moonlight, and enjoy the organic peace you’ll find around nature.

3. Watch a Rock Concert

Nothing can give you an energy boost like a rock concert would. If there’s a good band playing in town, grab that chance to enjoy some heart-pumping beats with your friends.

4. Learn and Master a Dessert Recipe

Practice baking your grandmother’s chocolate chip cookie recipe. Keep on doing it until you get it exactly the way you like it. By the time school starts, you would’ve mastered it well enough to make a few bucks during your lunch hours.

5. Volunteer

Most people who volunteer find a sense of fulfillment in doing it. Why not try it out at a local senior home, or simply ask an elderly neighbor if you can help them with a house chore.

They say that you have to make the most of the time that’s given to you. That’s what these activities are all about. Don’t waste away those precious days when you can still hang out at the beach, or spend time with your folks on a boat trip. Once your schedule’s full with homework and school activities, you’ll be thankful you made the most out of your vacation.