3 Weekend Ideas for Your Pool Area Makeover

pool enclosed by fenceLooking to change the look of your pool area but not sure where to start? Here are three DIY ideas you can do each week to give your pool space an updated and exciting new-look.

1. Furnishing the Poolside

The DIY installation of a pool fence is the quickest way to give this property feature a new-look. Aside from serving as safety equipment, it also serves as an ornamental piece. Pool fences come in different designs and can be customized, depending on your specifications. Using other design elements like outdoor carpets, faux grass carpets, wooden planks, and tall, slender plants around the pool can instantly transform the exterior space.

2. Building a Multi-Purpose Cabin

If you want to take your DIY skills to the next level, you can build a tiny cabin in the pool yard. This building can serve as a simple pool house, a private nook, an office, and even a personal spa area. Planning to divide the cabin into dedicated spaces? Using ornamental fencing to partition the area is an ideal way to create divisions without cramping up space.

3. Revitalizing the Pool House

Give your pool house a new-look by repainting its exterior, from the roof to the walls. Neutral shades work best and give a clean, sleek appearance to the structure.

Another way to update the pool house façade is by framing the doors and windows. Door and window frames can instantly transform the exterior design of your pool house and, could be the easiest way to give its façade an instant face lift.

Create a relaxing vacation spot right in your home by designing your pool area with ornamental fencing and by creating functional spaces that cater to your needs. Focusing on these critical areas can immediately transform your pool area from dull and drab to fun and fab.