3 Ways To Tell If Your Web Design Sucks

Guys making a mockup designIf your website design sucks, chances are, your consumers won’t say it to your face. Unless, of course, you have a comment section or a survey that specifically asks people about it. What they would do is to never visit your website again for fear of eyesores. And guess where that leads? Lost customers and even fewer leads.

Here are five signs that your website’s design sucks and why you need to stop doing it yourself and hire a professional web design team in Utah such as SEO Werkz.

It’s not mobile-friendly.

In a 2015 report, figures showed that almost 56 percent of internet traffic to the top US websites come from mobile devices such as smartphones. In another survey, researchers found that 60 percent of potential consumers bail on a site that is no optimized for mobile usage. Now, just imagine how many customers you might be losing because your site is not optimized for smartphones and other mobile devices? A lot

It has surprise videos that keep popping up.

Imagine browsing a website in silence and then a video pops up all of sudden. Seriously, it’s just annoying. This is why most pop up videos ask online visitors to play it first because otherwise, people will just press the stop button without even thinking. If it’s a promotional video from your own team, you lose the chance to get your message across. That’s marketing money wasted all because you annoyed the potential customer.

It has no photos, or worse, bad pictures.

If your website has good quality pictures, people are more likely to browse and stay longer. This is why free online photo sources such as Pixabay, Pexels and Unsplash are quite popular. But if you use bad quality photos or prefer to pepper your site with long-winding descriptions of your products or services, chances are, people will just look for information somewhere else.

Create A Better Website Today

Your website presents not only your products or services online but also your brand and your company. If you think you’re saving money using DIY website builders, think again. These only work if you have some basic knowledge of what and what not to do. If you want a professional-looking and optimized website, hire a team to do it.