3 Tips to Keep Your Foundation in the Best Shape

construction workers

Every structure stands or falls based on the strength or weakness of its foundations. Since transitioning to concrete, those foundations have become more stable all in all. However, concrete can be vulnerable to anything from earthquakes and even normal wear and tear over the years.

From grouting to concrete foundation repair, here are three very critical tips to help ensure that your foundation stays in the best shape possible.

1. Fill the gaps

Microfractures are common to concrete and usually are not much of danger. If you notice much larger cracks forming or, worse, even gaps forming, then you’re at risk from both water and structural damage. Fortunately, there’s still a means to handle it at this stage. Applying grout into these cracks helps to stop any water from coming in and even somewhat braces the foundations—preventing further damage.

2. Reinforce the structure

Speaking of which, another option would be to physically brace the foundations for strength. You can use anything from wood to steel attached across the fractured area to provide a stronger kind of bracing. This can be used in conjunction with grout to provide a more stable, if temporary, reinforcement for your foundations. The key there, however, is that it shouldn’t be depended upon for the long terms.

3. Go for professional repair

Ultimately, the best way to go would be to opt for concrete foundation repair from a professional team like Van Matre Construction, LLC in Boulder, Colorado. For one, they’ll be able to more comprehensively look over the home and assess the damage thoroughly. For another thing, they employ techniques that are sure to extend the life of your concrete foundations to a significant degree. It’s far more cost-effective in the long run as you’ll need to DIY repairs yourself more often otherwise.

Follow these three tips, and you can rest safe and sound knowing that your building’s foundations are secure and unlikely to break down quickly.