3 Home Styles in Colorado That Will Make You Go Wow

When one mentions “Colorado homes,” the first images in mind would probably be big acres of land with ranch-style houses and barns. Many homes mirror the culture, life, and nature of the state, such as charming mountain cabins. But coloradohomerealty.com notes there are plenty of other attractive architectural styles in the state, including the following:

1. Painted Ladies

Colorado has several historic houses built during the 1830s to the early years of the 1900s during the reign of Queen Victoria. These Victorian homes stand out because of their steep-pitched roofs, higher-ground porches, and textured shingles.

In the 1970s though, they became even more popular when they donned on bold colors such as yellow, blue, or green. They then earned the moniker “painted ladies.”

2. Italian Renaissance Revival

This architectural style followed the Victorian Era. Instead of taking inspiration from the homes in England, this one took it from the Italians. Renaissance was a period of progress, especially in the arts and science, but this design is formal. They are also famous for their scale: grand and imposing. Some of the well-known features are the arched windows and doors, flat roofs, and columns outside the house.

3. Mid-Century Modern

Many new homes today have an open floor plan, but the style has been around for years. It is one of the forward-thinking features of a mid-century house, which was born during the 1940s to the 1980s. Besides the spacious interiors, they focused on using glass, which allowed homes to blend beautifully with the outdoors.

In Denver, several of these mid-century modern houses are in Hilltop, a wealthy area of the city.

These days, people tend to buy homes according to price. It is understandable considering the costs of ownership are increasing in the state. But it also pays to add more value to the purchase: history, style, and story. Homeowners can get all these when they decide to buy older homes.