3 Habits of Men with Impeccable Style

rich man beside his white car

While it may seem that men with great style just do it without an effort, the truth is they abide by simple habits, which is the reason impeccable fashion becomes second nature to them. The good thing about these habits is they’re so basic. Curious about these simple habits? Here are some of them:

They Invest in Style Staples

Stylish men know that trends come and go. They join what’s popular sometimes, but they pay more attention to pieces that will always be in style. Every stylish man has a white button-down shirt, crewneck jumpers, slim navy chinos, and a suit in their closet. For footwear, you must have at least have a pair of white sneakers, leather shoes, and boots, suggests A.A. Callister.
They’re Not Afraid to Try Something New

Although stylish men invest in style staples, they join fashion bandwagons when they see a trend that they think would look good on them. They’re not afraid of sporting bold looks—and they effortlessly pull it off. For instance, the Western wear doesn’t look all costume-y on them. The key here is to focus on a statement piece and not over-embellish the look. Say, you want to sport your newly bought boots. Experts say it’s best to pair them with a plain white polo shirt and skinny jeans to complete the look.

They Make Sure of a Good Fit

A bad fit makes for a sloppy, silly look. Stylish men know the importance of buying the correct size of trousers, shirts, suits, and footwear. When shopping, try on different sizes to make sure you get the right fitting one. Or, you can have clothes professionally tailored.

Men who have an impeccable style aren’t made overnight. They’re made of habits, consistent routines that shape them into the men they are. Practice these yourself and see the difference.