3 Fun Ways to Incorporate Your Favorite Sports with Your Business

Male Fans Watching Sports EventSix in 10 Americans identify themselves as a sports fan, according to a report by Gallup. The management consulting company further states that this is a stable number since 2000, proving that sports are a major part of American culture and economy. Further examples are the entire NBA industry and the yearly Superbowl that draw millions of viewers all over the world.

It’s common that a person’s passion for an individual sport influences some of their other activities; This can transpire with you signing up your kids for the sports you like (see Serena and Venus Williams), collecting memorabilia, and wearing your favorite team’s colors and jersey. For some, they take it a step further and incorporate their favorite sports with their business. Here are some fun ideas you can apply.

Quiz Night

Baseball, basketball, and football are some of the most famous sports in America, and it is likely that some your patrons have the same interest as you do. You can share anecdotes and trivia about your favorite sports by hosting a quiz night. A quiz night is an excellent opportunity to establish a genuine relationship with your customers as well.

Sports-related Giveaways

Mugs, key chains, and bumper stickers are everyday items that can be further modified to include the sports team you like. According to Magnets.com, custom fridge magnets that feature baseball schedules with your business’ logo printed on it is a useful promotional product.

Decorate Place with Memorabilia’s

A lot of restaurant owners use their property’s walls to display some of their prized memorabilia. Most notable is the Hard Rock Café with its world-famous Rock N’ Roll memorabilia. You can follow their trend with your sports items – which is ideal if you are in the food and service industry.

The sports industry is a major part of the American culture, and when it comes to your favorite sports, sometimes it is good to mix business with pleasure.