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Flaunt Your Flawless Tan This Season

woman on the beachCome bikini season, the news shows never fail to talk about our favorite stars in their flawless tanned skin and sexy beach hair. They also never fail to show pictures of the gorgeous secluded beaches where the stars seek retreat.Most of these beaches are in Florida, California, and Hawaii or in exotic islands outside the U.S, but there are little gems in the country where people can enjoy the celebrity getaway beach feel.

Schedule a waxing session in Austin, put on a bikini and go straight to these unspoiled beaches for some bikini season fun.

South Padre Island

Students head over South Padre Island come spring break. The activities there include deep-sea fishing, scuba diving, parasailing and marine life watching. The fun isn’t limited to water activities though; vacationers can also enjoy hiking, golfing, horseback riding, tennis and many more land activities. Before leaving, you can also visit their local museums, where you can find souvenirs from their gift shop.

Padre Island National Seashore

The beaches in Padre Island National Seashore are the more secluded version. The people in the South Central prove that they can have their own lounging spot in Padre Island’s very own South Beach. Meanwhile, Malaquite Beach in North Padre Island features its shell-seeking, birding, surf angling, wind surfing, kayaking and turtle hatching attractions. Padre Island’s Bird Island Basin is another great place for those want to go camping near Laguna Madre’s famous wind surfing waters.

San Jose Island

One of the hidden beaches in the state of Texas is San Jose Island, located north of Port Aransas, and is accessible by jetty boat. Like the other Texan beaches, San Jose Island is also known for birding and saltwater fishing. Shelling is another popular activity; visitors can find all sorts of unique sea shell son its sandy shores.You can explore and drive around the island by renting the popular mode of transportation there: the golf cart. The island also features local boutiques, bars, and eateries that serve up fresh seafood from the island’s waters.

Top 3 Spooky Destinations to Visit in Singapore

Spooky travel destinationsEvery country has its own creepy urban myths and ghost stories. These stories are about past events, such as World War 2 atrocities or mysterious crimes.

From bizarre marks on the walls and of bawling sounds in the middle of nowhere, Singapore has frightfully enticing and spooky destinations that are must-visits for thrill-seekers. The Ten Courts of Hell in Har Paw Villa is just the beginning of your spooky journey; here are the top three eerie spots you should visit.

Changi Old Beach Houses

The Changi Old Beach Houses seem like an ideal getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city, but holiday-seekers are in for a sinister treat. Changi Beach was the site of the Sook Ching Massacre. For that reason alone, the Changi Beach and the old houses are considered some of the most haunted places in the world.

One of the spookiest places to visit in Sentosa is Sentosa Spooktacular, where ghost stories from all over Singapore and Asia come alive. Spooktacular adds a humorous twist to the scary ghouls and ghosts prevalent in Asian folklore.

The Sentosa White House is an old bungalow atop Sentosa Hill. It may seem like an ordinary old house with crumbling walls, old roofing, and broken doors, but the house emits a supernatural aura that makes it appear and disappear, after crossing a border of trees. The house’s spooky level increases when a woman clad in white shows herself to unsuspecting visitors.


Most Singaporean males who go through military training hear ghost stories about Pulau Tekong. One of the most frequent stories about the Basic Military Training Camp in Tekong is about a cadet from Charlie Company. The young man was with his platoon for their routine 16km march, but was suddenly separated from the group. The cadet’s commanding officer found him with his insides out next to his body.

After his death, the beds on the young man’s bunk shudders for unexplained reasons. There are reports that the cadets hear his voice at night. To add intrigue, a movie was made about Tekong’s ghost story.

Singapore has other spooky destinations for adventurous visitors looking for an alternative way to spend their holiday. But these three should always be on your list.

It’s Time to Change: 3 Ways to Get Better Sleep at Night

sleepingA good night’s rest is essential for all of us to function properly in the morning. Despite the importance of sleep, many people still consider this to be flexible or even optional. The result is a poor sleep schedule that can lead to a host of health problems. It’s time to change. Here are some quick tips to improve the quality of your sleep:

Invest in your bedroom

Buy a comfortable mattress; sleepwarehouse.com suggests getting gel mattress topper for more convenience. Order those satin sheets with high thread counts and feather pillows. Make sure your bed and bedroom is the most comfortable place in your house. This is where your body will recharge. If you indulge in an expensive meal or buy fancy exercise equipment, invest in sleep the same way.

Avoid late night snacks

Your last meal should be four hours before you go to bed. Eating right before bed is a good way to gain a lot of weight, but more than that, it also affects the quality of your sleep. Sleeping on a full stomach is very uncomfortable, and your body in rest mode won’t burn off any of the calories you just consumed.

Stick to a schedule

Bedtimes aren’t just for babies. You need a regular sleep schedule, too. This can be difficult to fix if you’re used to staying up late and waking up early. Don’t shock your system by forcing yourself to sleep at 10PM when you always sleep at midnight. Make slight adjustments until your sleep cycle adjusts to the new and better schedule. Try to stick to this even during the weekends.

Sleep is not a luxury. It is a necessity that you owe your body. Much like your body needs 3 healthy meals a day and requires exercise; you also need at least 6 to 8 hours of deep sleep every night. Your body will be a lot healthier for it.

5 Strategies in Dental Waterline Testing That Keep Patients Safe

dental equipmentYou probably already follow a set of health practices in your dental office. This is to prevent the spread of any infections. You may have overlooked your dental unit water safety, though.

To guarantee the safety of your clients while, remember these five methods to control the quality of dental unit water:

  1. Meet the standards used for drinking water.

Dental unit water should have the same quality as drinking water. Daily flushing of waterlines prior to working is not enough. You want to get rid of microorganisms that form a layer on the water surface to avoid infection from spreading.

  1. Get recommendations from dental unit manufacturers.

Your dental unit manufacturer may know a thing or two about the right equipment and methods for maintenance of dental water. Dental waterline testing experts like Infectioncontrolproducts.com provide recommendations on good practices to keep and bad practices to avoid. They can also give you an idea of the quality of dental water in your office.

  1. Stick to the right protocols

Be careful when using any device attached to the dental unit, such as a scaler that uses ultrasound or syringe to contain water and air. Avoid using these inside the mouth of a patient until you’ve released air from the device.

  1. Follow the advice of professionals

Follow company recommendations on water treatment at the source. They are the experts; they know the procedures in using chemicals, steps in the use of filters, and management of water tanks.

  1. Monitor your water quality

It is not enough just to have your dental water tested. You also need to monitor the water quality constantly. For this, you can use commercial testing kits or avail of testing services offered by laboratories.

Patients come to your clinic because they want to improve themselves, not because they want to get infected. Use dental waterline testing methods to ensure their safety.

Having your Fireplace and Heating it, Too

FireplaceFireplaces are more a luxury than a necessity nowadays. You do not need one to warm the home or to cook. It is undeniable that there is something soothing and smile provoking about a cheerful fire burning during cold nights in Utah. It is cozy and romantic, and it smells good, too. Having one can even make your home be worth more.

Burning Wood is Wasteful

Unfortunately, fireplaces that burn actual wood represent the antithesis of environment-friendly. The heat loss is also considerable, because the chimney sucks up most of the heat from the burning wood as well as from the room. The smoke it gives out is also as healthy as smoking cigarettes.

So what can you do? You can consider gas conversion, particularly in Utah. That way, you can keep your fireplace going without putting the environment, your pocket and your life at risk.

Gas Conversion Makes Practical Sense

Gas conversion means that you can keep a cheery fire in your fireplace using natural gas instead of wood. The most popular way to convert your fireplace to gas is by installing a direct-vent gas insert.

Gas inserts simulate the appearance of a wood fire and makes use of the existing chimney to vent fumes outside the home. As the flames stay behind a glass plate, it is safe even for small children. It also makes maintenance easy because there is no soot or ash to clean out after every use.


Gas conversion does increase your utility bill, but with natural gas prices at its present rate, it will not be much. You can claw back some of your added expense by turning down your thermostat whenever you use your fireplace.

The real ouch in this project is in the purchase and installation. This can run from $2,000 to $5,000, depending on the type of gas insert you choose, and the fixtures needed. On the other hand, you get to enjoy your fireplace and save some money on heating your home at the same time.

While a luxury, fireplaces need not be impractical, too. Consider gas-based fireplaces and not only save money, but the environment, as well.

Home, Inspection, and You: 3 Ways to Get the Most of What You Paid For

Home InspectionThe reality is that home sellers will have to do a lot of things, and many think that a complete home inspection will only add to the stress. Strangers arrive at your front door and go through every nook and cranny of your personal space. For hours, they crawl through your belongings, open your closets, and turn on every appliance and fixture they can find. Then, they wander through the basement, climb through the roof, and run over every square inch of your yard.

If you survive the inspection without blowing a fuse, though, it pays off big—you get quite the handout from the sale of your home.

Some sellers, however, don’t get the true value out of the report. Here are some smart tips to make sure you do:

Be Physically Present during the Inspection

You’d be surprised at how many homeowners do not attend the home inspection they order and pay for. By attending the inspection, the inspector will point out the important details to you and provide expert opinion. Yes, you will receive the report at the end of the home inspection, but nothing’s better than having the professional point out issues to you in person.

Remember that these people have seen hundreds of homes, and they can tell whether something is a big issue or not.

Make Sure Your Inspection Includes Plumbing, Electrical, and Toxic Gas Exposure Assessments

Everyone is always worried about a bad foundation, but you can already tell if the same is true for your property just by looking at it. Electrical and plumbing inspections require more work, since it’s far more difficult to check the wiring behind the walls than walking around the building to check for cracks.

Make sure the inspectors check for toxic gas exposure, too. When it comes to mold, radon, asbestos, lead, and meth testing, Salt Lake City has many home inspectors offering an all-in-one inspection.

Ask as Many Questions as You Can

If this is your first time to sell a house, or you know you’re in it for a big deal, chances are you are emotionally invested. It is important to ask as many questions as possible for a deeper look at the situation.

Home inspections are important to helping you realize the true value of your home. If you don’t know how to get the most of it, though, you also won’t get the most of the sale.

A Brief Guide on Planning a Wedding Reception

planning a weddingHave you and your partner just sealed the deal and gotten engaged? There’s a lot more work ahead of you then simply getting engaged.

Planning a wedding is a big job, especially if you’re having a big one. While it may seem very challenging and maybe even tedious, don’t stress over it. It could be exciting too! It all depends on you and your choices.

Take it Step-by-Step

Firstly, take everything in small chunks. Don’t shuffle between different tasks and overwhelm yourself with all the choices of venue, cakes, gowns and food. Pick one and work on it first before taking on another task.

You should probably get a friend to help you out as well. Many of them would certainly be more than willing to help you out.

Keep Everything Within Reason

Of course you would want the best for the most important day of your life. Nobody should deny you that. However, the overwhelming number of choices could get you giddy and make you start deciding on things that might be too extravagant or unnecessary.

Stick to the budget that you have decided on and do your best to work with it. Think of utility as well as design when deciding on things. For example, if you think that getting a function room for hire, says Brisbane-based regattahotel.com.au, would be best for the reception – especially if you have several guests from outside Brisbane that might need accommodation – then go for it.

Follow What You Want

However, don’t forget to follow what you really want. Sometimes, other people like giving advice and suggestions and you might not want them but start considering it just because these people are close friends or relatives.

Remember, this is your wedding, not theirs. Take any advice and suggestion into careful consideration but do not follow it blindly if you truly want something else. You should enjoy your wedding. This is about you, after all!

Applying for a Home Loan: What Affects the Interest Rate

home loanLoans always come with interest rates. There is no way you can avoid the interest when you apply for a home loan, but there are ways to reduce it. Learning about the factors that cause interest rates to rise and fall can help you become a smart and careful buyer.

The property market is changing rapidly. Median prices increase occasionally, and the number of financing agencies offering different loan options keeps growing. Your goal is to find a deal that comes with low monthly interest rates so you can repay the loan successfully. To achieve this, you need to understand how mortgage loans work and what affects the interest rates.

The Economy and the Housing Market

The law of supply and demand applies to mortgage loans. Interest rates tend to be lower when fewer people are seeking mortgages to finance their homes. A higher demand for home financing programs means higher interest rates. As a buyer, you have to learn how the housing market moves and finance your home when mortgage rates are low.

The Federal Reserve Board

This government agency has the power to change interest rates to control economic growth. Mortgage rates rise as the Fed raises the prime rate. The board may also slash interest rates to make home refinancing easier for the people. Many homebuyers visit popular sites like citycreekmortgage.com to find the best mortgage rate in Utah and other parts of the US.

Credit Worthiness

Your credit history may affect the interest rates offered by your lending agency. Some companies offer financing programs for people with less than perfect credit. There is no better way to find out whether you qualify or not to submit an application.


Lenders may raise interest rates according to the loan terms they provide to their clients. Some mortgage loans include terms that allow lenders to change interest rates on a specified time and interval.

Studying the market and comparing mortgage rates are the best ways to find the most convenient deal. Arm yourself with up-to-date information and work only with a lender that homebuyers trust.

Enjoy the Baths in Bath

Bath hotelsEveryone needs a break occasionally, especially when you feel the need to get away from the stresses of work and home. The perfect place for such holidays is Bath.

Here are some things that Bath has to offer, whose name practically means short breaks!

Bath Has Many Attractions

Bath is known for its history, and this is evident in the Roman Baths and Georgian architecture that is still evident today. You can enjoy a quiet stroll at Prior Park Landscape Garden for a spectacular view of the city, or the Royal Victoria Park if you want to play a little golf or lounge in a cafe.

Bath is Historic

You can forget the problems of the present by harking back to the past. Visit Stonehenge, or one of the 17 museums in the city. You can learn about fashion, astronomy, local history, or even Jane Austen, who once lived in Bath.

You may also find it fascinating to gaze at the exhibits of the Radstock Museum featuring highlights of British commercial, social, and industrial history. Many museums offer lectures, workshops, and concerts year-round.

Bath is Convenient

Though rich in history, Bath has all the modern conveniences. Transportation from London to Bath and back is excellent via train, and the bus services are National Express. Bath hotels, famous for their short breaks, have special offers for 2-night visits, including spa breaks that feature a 2-hour visit to the famous Thermae Spa. You can even get a visitor’s card honoured in many establishments in the city for some great discounts.

Do not forget why you took a break in the first place. Take the time to simply relax and lounge at any of the city’s excellent hotels. The rolling hills and calm atmosphere is just what you need, whether you simply need a recharge, or a way to get romance back into your life, or even looking for an inspiration for your next novel.

YOLO: What’s Wrong with It?

young peopleSimilar to carpe diem, the catchphrase “You Only Live Once!” is something many young people use whenever they want to describe a particular thing that needs to be done before they kick the bucket. It’s become a mantra, a philosophy that resonates across the select generation.

The only fallacy lies in how people interpret it. It’s funny that the misinterpretation of this platitude has redefined its meaning— that whenever you hear someone says YOLO, you get an impression that the person is about to make a bad decision.

While there is no template on how you should live your life, this article provides guidance on how you can make it more meaningful.

What YOLO Should Be

Hearing the acronym YOLO will certainly conjure images of all-night partying, getting high, and ending up in jail for a night. Ideally, the point of it should be to go out, find your purpose, and do things that will leave an imprint in this world. It is not always about doing things for the first time that have short-term impact on your life.

People who take YOLO seriously end up being successful and content later in life. Usually, they are the people who have authored a book, helped feed the hungry, created the symphony that rivals that of Beethoven’s, or have seen the world from a different perspective. This is the essence of living only once.

What You Should Do

Expand your horizons in a short period of time. The first thing you need to do is plan for the future. Set up a savings account. Save up so that you can freely choose whether to go out of the country or live in one of the many retirement homes in the area.You may even choose to invest.

When you have set up the things you think you will need in the future, it’s time to go back to the present and savor the moment. Find a new hobby. Do things that scare you one at a time. Go on holiday with friends. Stay away from the Internet and make it a point to see the sunrise and the sundown at least once a week. Whatever you do, make sure it will make you happy, and it has a lasting and meaningful impact on your life.