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Cybercrime as the Online Weak Spot of Businesses

CybercrimeStealing comes in numerous forms — cybercrime is one of them.

Businesses are increasingly falling victim to vicious cyber-attacks which put them at risk for high costs and externalities of third parties. In 2013, a significant increase in cyber security incidents occurred — from 56 organisations in 2012 to 76 organisations in the following year. Fifty-seven percent of those organisations chose not to report the incident due to hesitations with the benefits of reporting.

Creagh Weightman Lawyers, a law firm in Brisbane, reminds businesses to be on guard at all times, especially with matters concerning intellectual property. There is more to this intangible property than meets the eye — all of them more valuable than money.

Impacts of cybercrime on businesses

No one is safe from the sudden attack of online hackers. Target, one of the largest discount retailers in the United States, became a victim of a cyber-attack, which resulted in the loss of personal data and other customer payment details.

The threat of cybercrime challenges both individuals and businesses around the world. One cyber-attack is enough to damage or interrupt a business’s communication network or routine. Brands are at risk of suffering direct and indirect losses. Apart from losing money, businesses also face reputation damage, from which some never recover.

Strategies in protecting a business from cyber-attacks

Cybercrime threats continue to rise as businesses rely more on the Internet for data storage and security. Organisations should implement company-wide measures to prevent hackers from targeting potential weaknesses.

Passwords should never remain the same across various platforms. As a security measure, companies should enforce strict policies such as changing them every three months at a minimum. The workforce should not write passwords on sticky notes or any piece of paper lying around the office. Passwords should not be shared via email, social media, text, or even on the cloud.

A legal perspective on cybercrime protection

Companies can protect themselves by addressing potential breaches in their documentation with contractors or clients. Contracts must contain preventive measures that deal with cyber-attacks. Also, businesses should remain proactive in protecting themselves through proper understanding of cybercrime risks. After all, prevention is key and saves businesses from potential losses and consequences.

The threat of cybercrime continues to increase due to more sophisticated techniques. With this in mind, businesses should improve cyber security measures exponentially to avoid losing intellectual property.

3 Ways to Plan the Best Proposal You Can Possibly Do

Marriage ProposalProposing to the love of your life will most likely be the most important thing you will plan in your whole life. It has to be perfect: the timing, the venue, the ambiance, the ring, and the words you’ll say. There are many different ways to propose, but the most unforgettable ones are personal and romantic. Below, AAA Jewelers shares a few tips to help you win that “yes.”

Invite Family and Friends

Sharing this wonderful moment with both your family and closest friends is just right. It could either be a surprise at the end of the proposal or they could be there with you as part of the plan. This way, you can celebrate your love and a new chapter of your relationship with the people that will be with you through the years.

Relive Your Best Memories

Choosing where to propose is important because this place will always be important in your relationship. Where you first met, had your first date, had your first kiss, or first said you love each other can all be great, sentimental locations. Going back to these places will signify that your relationship has joyfully come full circle.

Make It Personal

Every single word you will say should tug at her heartstrings and make her realize that you two are meant for each other. Of course, the ring should be beautiful and maybe even extravagant. People are now ordering custom engagement rings to make it a little more personal. Choose a stone and color that your soon-to-be fiancé would love.

Ask someone to take a video of your proposal to relive it every time you want to. Make sure there are also people taking photographs to capture the moment beautifully. After the proposal, make the most out of the moment by dancing to the tune of a romantic song. Most of all, cherish the moment and take it all in. This is the start of a lifetime of love together.

Bathrooms Help You Make a Good First Impression

bathroomMost people do not realise that the bathroom is one of the most important parts of the home. Some individuals remodel their bedrooms, living rooms and balcony to enhance the appearance of their house. They carefully choose the colour palette and add decorations to improve the overall design.

But when it comes to the bathroom, they just select the most basic designs without considering how its appearance would blend with other areas.

Select the Right Bathroom Design

The design of your bathroom must fit the overall theme of the house. If the walls of the bedroom are pink and pale, the bathroom should have the same colour or shade. If you are the type who prefers minimalist designs, select bathroom accessories that highlight the accent colours. When choosing the right bathroom design, think about your own style and preference.

Have a Clean Bathroom

The importance of having a clean bathroom cannot be stressed enough. This means you have to maintain the sanitation in the area. Keep the walls, flooring and other bathroom items in good condition.

Find information on how to maintain the parts of your bathroom. Bathroom International reminds of the importance of keeping mirrors in the bathroom clean, while HGTV gives tips on removing black mould.

Importance of Bathroom Renovations

Whether you like it or not, your bathroom says a lot about you. The way you maintain the cleanliness of the bathroom reflects your personal hygiene. In addition, the quality of the bathroom accessories shows your sense of style and sophistication.

No matter how beautiful your house seems from the outside, the design and cleanliness of the bathroom still make a strong impression on visitors.

Understanding the Difference Between the Value of Your Home and Loan

Home and LoanA home is one of the biggest investments that you’ll make in your life. Choosing a house takes time as you shop for the best value and financing.

Mortgages have advantages and disadvantages, but other than you being a multi-millionaire, they’re still one of the best ways to finance a home purchase. Loans come with a caveat, though, that most people fail to realize until it’s too late – there is a difference between the value of the loan you get and the house you buy.

Determine the value of your loan and home

Direct Mortgage Loans says that getting the loan-to-value ratio helps you get a clear picture of your financial situation when you purchase a home. The difference between the value of the loan you get and the actual appraisal value of the home you purchase is equity; you own the interest in the home, not the bank.

It is conventional knowledge that buyers put a 20% down payment for a home. If you pay that for the house, you are borrowing less than the home’s actual value. This is where the loan-to-value ratio becomes important.

For example, if you pay $40,000 as down payment for a $200,000 house, you’ll need to borrow the remaining 160,000 from a bank. Dividing the amount you’ll borrow by the value of the house will give you the ratio, in this case, 80%.

Enjoying more by borrowing less

A lower ratio may qualify you for a reduced loan mortgage rate. Creditors are more likely to lend money to a borrower with more equity in the house they will buy. This is true because they are less likely to default.

As you begin to pay the principal on your mortgage, the loan-to-value ratio changes with it. When a significant change takes place, you will have a better chance of refinancing your mortgage.

Understanding the loan-to-value ratio helps you determine if you are capable of financing a home purchase or delaying it until you’re financially ready.

How Can You Contribute to the Defence of Singapore?

Military Training in SingaporeContributing to your country is not just about doing well in school or in the workplace. For individuals who want to take their patriotism to the next level, volunteering for the armed forces is the way to show it.

Military service is not just about being a soldier with gun in hand and a target in sight. The SAF Volunteer Corps cites that there are other ways to be of service to Singapore. People have different skills, expertise and talents and the army has various roles that are in line with individuals’ different capabilities.

Medical Trainers

Military training is strenuous and taxing physical activity that pushes the body beyond its limits. At some point, a trainee will suffer from injuries that military training may cause.

Should you have a medical background and desire to be a member of the medical training team, you will prepare full-time national servicemen medical officers and medics for emergency response. Preparation is important to avoid panic, high casualties and injuries on the field.

Other than doctors, other individuals in demand are nurses, radiographers, medical technologists and dentists.

Defence Psychologists

Soldiers do not just suffer physical injuries after a tour of duty; they also have a higher probability of acquiring a psychological problem. As a defence psychologist, you will have an active role in providing support for personnel, counselling and other similar services necessary for the army.

Psychological disorders take longer to heal as these may affect long-term behaviour. The role of defence psychologists is vital to the well-being of soldiers.

Legal Specialists

Lawyers contribute to the SAF by providing legal support and sharing best practices that help the army in different ways.

Infomedia Team

Communication between the military and civilians is important to maintain peace and order. The Infomedia Team supports the army’s public communications efforts through managing public events and media presence.

These are some of the fields open to volunteers who wish to give their talents for the benefit of the country. There are different ways to volunteer your time – what is important is to find the role that would be best for your skills.

Loan Denied: Why Mortgage Lenders Turn You Down

Mortgage bondAccording to the Mortgage Bankers Association, lenders deny or turn down about 30 percent of loan applications. There are many reasons for this, and lenders’ different requirements are one of them. Not every borrower can meet every lender’s qualification, but this doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t reapply or get a mortgage.

It is important to know why a lender denies your application, to learn if the issue is fixable. Utah Loan Pros — Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc., shares the reason for mortgage application rejection.

Too Much Debt

Lenders have a debt-to-income ratio they work with, and if your debt ratio falls outside their desired proportion, they will reject your application. If you have a lot of debt, it is best to pay them first or increase your income before re-applying for a mortgage. You will find it easy to get an approval if you have a clean credit record.

Employment Issues

Most lenders prefer applicants with a job that provides stable and consistent income. This is why you may find it hard to get an approval if you work on commission or if you are self-employed. If you have your own business, you have to prove that is has been profitable for at least two years. If you have irregular income or gaps in employment history, your application might be denied.

Poor Credit Score

If you have low credit score, expect that lenders may be hesitant to work with you. It is important to know where you stand in regard to your credit before applying for a mortgage. It is always a good idea to check your credit report and make sure it is accurate. Pay out your credit balances and make payments on time.

Low Home Appraisal

If the value of the home is not enough to back up the amount of the loan, your application will be denied. If this is the reason for refusal, you can ask another lender to do a new appraisal. The lender who rejected your application cannot order a second appraisal, but a new appraiser might put a higher value on the home.

Many banks and lenders have tightened their standards, but this doesn’t mean that you cannot get an approval. It is best to work with a reputable lender and arm yourself with information that will help you get a “Yes” from a lender.

Choosing the Right Digital Platform for Business Success

Determining Business Success Online by Platform UsedAll businesses have the potential to take off and become a success story; the means to make this all a reality, however, is the most critical decision you will make.

Online, the success all business owners crave is simply unattainable today without the power of social media. With countless social media platforms, choosing which ones to strengthen your presence in can be overwhelming. Do not make the mistake of using all platforms, only to abandon the majority of them down the road.

Decision-making for your brand’s first social media involvement will be challenging, as this will dictate the fate of your business.

Launch its online success with these considerations in mind:

Your Target Market

Picture your target market and get to know them. Conduct studies and research to find out where majority of the demographic of your desired audience spends most their time online. SEO companies specializing in social media marketing hold the market needs and priorities in mind before launching or creating a campaign — you should, too.

In most cases, you are most likely to find millennials on Facebook, and younger generations on Twitter and Instagram

The idea is to tap into their interests and assess whether or not the platform you choose is best for addressing their needs, passion and priorities.

Your Brand’s Personality

Build your image and make sure its online extension stays in line with your brand’s personality. Consider your line of work. For more professional and specialized services, your own website is probably best.

A friendly approach requires a platform that exudes the same quality. In that light, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr can be great tools for marketing and communicating with your audience.

The Industry Trends

As you are just starting out, learning from the field is a good way to start. Find where most of your prospective competitors operate, as this is where you should be as well. If not, finding a similar platform is a good alternative.

Stay updated on the latest trends in the industry and make sure you associate with it or familiarize your business with it. Don’t keep yourself out of the loop and become part of the conversation that the industry participates in.

Keep these three things in mind to determine which online platform is right for your brand. Choose wisely and ensure its success upon determining which works best for you and your business.

Into the Factory: A Look at the Manufacturing Process of Preformed Lined Products

ManufacturersManufacturers of preformed lined products provide some of the most essential components and accessories used in the energy and telecommunications industries. These materials are commonly used for electrical insulations, wires for electrical transmission and distribution, and cable accessories.

Let us take a closer look at the manufacturing process and find out more about how useful these products could be for a business.

Top of the line manufacturing processes

Manufacturers implement automated processes to fulfil large volume requirements. For instance, production lines for wires have lower set up times. This way, it takes a shorter period to produce a specific design or configuration compared to traditional methods.

EngineeringSupplies.com.au and suppliers of preformed lined products note that manufacturers now include cutting-edge technology for precision and quality products. High-speed laser cutting equipment and other precision machineries make the fabrication of preformed lined products faster and more accurate. Moreover, manufacturers can perform the powder coating process within the facility by using a new generation of machines. This, in turn, makes the process more cost-effective.

Skilled assembly

One of the most important aspects in the fabrication of these products is the assembly of components. Modern manufacturing procedures make it easier to install products when these reach the end-users. Some products can even come in packaged kits, so customers have all the parts they need for assembly.

High quality outcomes

Cable accessory products are highly in-demand. You may be familiar with mounting brackets, cable breakout and sealing kits, and grounding sets. These are just some of the accessory products that are important when installing cable systems. Some even use these parts for telecommunications, lighting and computer systems.

With more advanced processes, manufacturers can deliver better quality preformed lined products to meet the needs of customers.

Commercial vs. Residential Property: Of Rental Returns, Gross Rent and Net Rent

Commercial vs. Residential PropertyDo you know that owners of a residential property consider getting a 4% rental return per year on a house a huge deal? On the other hand, this is actually considered dismal for the average commercial property owner. Below, McGees.com.au shares more information why.

Rental Returns on Commercial and Residential Property

While it’s relatively normal for residential property owners who lease a unit or a house to get a rental return of only 4% to 5% yearly, retail property owners can get as much as 7% yearly, office property owners can get up to 8% yearly, while industrial property owners can earn as high as 10% yearly in rental returns. To illustrate, below is an estimate of the difference in yearly rental returns across five varying property types, assuming that the property’s purchase price is $400,000.

House Rental Return = 4% or $16,000
Unit Rental Return = 5% or $20,000
Retail Rental Return = 7% or $28,000
Office Rental Return = 8% or $32,000
Industrial Rental Return = 10% or $40,000

Take note that rental returns significantly vary based on many factors, including location of the property and building quality among others.

Gross Rent and Net Rent on Commercial and Residential Property

Gross rent amounts to the rental the landlord receives from a tenant, while net rent amounts to the remaining rental amount after spending for required taxes. Assuming that both commercial and residential properties have a purchase price of $500,000, we get:

  • Residential Property 5% Rental Return Yearly
    Gross Rent = $25,000
    Net Rent = $18,000
  • Commercial Property 8% Rental Return Yearly
    Gross Rent = $40,000
    Net Rent = $38,000

When you evaluate the above example, you might be thinking that spending $500,000 to purchase a residential property is pointless since you only stand to earn $18,000 in rental return when you can easily purchase a commercial property with the same amount and earn heaps more.

What you have to understand is that first, a bigger investment will always come with a bigger repsonsibility, and not all people are prepared or willing to take such a huge risk financially. Also, a residential property is primarily purchased for potential capital growth and not really for rental return. With

Capable but Unable – Elder Care is a Lifesaver for Seniors Living Alone

Seniors Living AloneNot all old people are disabled individuals who need people to carry them. Many of them, some through stubbornness, get through each day all by themselves. Maybe no relative lives near or they’re just used to living alone; either way, it’s a comfort to see that some elders weathering the test of time.

Nevertheless, old people have but one way to go: to grow older. They do not have the same energy they had five or 10 years ago to still do all the house and personal chores without any help. If you know an elderly person or are one, consider looking at elder care brochures. When doing everything becomes inevitably unbearable, caregivers can provide comfort and company.

To the Elderly

It might be a sizeable financial undertaking for you at this age, but getting help might mean an easier life for you. Care resource MyCareMatch notes that there are ways to get a plan tailored to your situation. You don’t have to settle for plans that take money off you in return for lesser services.

For those concerned about the new Medicare rulings, don’t discount it just yet. For seniors, benefits such as free preventive care, lower drug costs, improved fraud protection and many more are now available so you can manage your health easier.

To People with Elderly Relatives

Don’t wait for your parents or grandparents to suffer an accident before looking for help. Additionally, it would be a nice surprise for them if they know that someone will come along a couple time per week or stay with them to help.

If you know them as difficult, then it’s better to read up about how to convince parents who refuse care. Old people are creatures of habit, and it’s going to take some convincing to change their habits just for a little comfort.

Tips for Lone, Old Wolves

Even before your caregiver first steps in your home, make your life easier. Especially when your helper only visits you periodically, it’s important to live an orderly life. In every part of your home, there are products that can make it safe for you to use. On top of that, you can build a social life and live healthily.

It’s not a defeat to admit help, nor is it irresponsible to pass on your duties to a third-party source. It’s a necessity brought by old age, something everyone is bound to experience. Don’t skimp out on assistance you so obviously need.