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3 Celebrity Mansions with Outrageous Price Tags

mansion houseA lot of homeowners today think about improving the values of their homes. After all, having a home with a high value means your house isn’t just a place to live in, it is a great asset. It also means you’ll get more when you decide to sell.

Celebrities also want the best possible values for their homes. This is why their homes also feature exquisite architecture, fine art and truly unique facilities. With their almost unlimited budgets, celebrities have done extraordinary things to increase their property values.

Here are three celebrity homes worth millions:

1. Will Smith’s Calabasas Home

The house has a massive floor area and stands on more than 600,000 square metres of land and also features various sports facilities. This mansion is an athlete’s paradise. Well-known magazines have featured the home for its unique architecture that combines styles from different cultures. The house was put up on the market in late 2013 for a whopping USD42 million.

2. Billy Joel’s Beachfront Mansion in Miami

The famous musician was once the proud owner of an almost 825 square metre mansion that has seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms and great views of Miami’s oceanfront. It also has yacht parking. Joel has since sold this property for more than USD 13 million dollars to an Italian businessman.

3. Hugh Hefner’s World-famous Playboy Mansion

The estate’s price has steadily gone up from the time it was bought in the 1970’s for one million US dollars. It is now worth almost USD 55 million, valued as much for its history as for its actual worth. There are two things, however, that may surprise you about it–Hefner actually pays rent for staying in

the mansion and that this mansion isn’t the original. The original Playboy mansion is in Chicago and is now a rather unique looking seven-unit condominium.

There are ways of increasing your home’s value even on a non-celebrity budget. You could start doing renovations, landscaping your garden, upgrading the kitchen, and even getting a new air conditioning system. Various types of systems, such as those from ApexAircon.com.au, affect your home’s value differently. The better the system, the better the value will be.

Homes that offer something more to a potential buyer will get more interest and command higher prices. Extras like great facilities and a quality air conditioning system can help homeowners get the value they want for their homes.

Do You Really Need Air Duct Cleaning Services?

Air Duct Cleaning ServiceA clean and healthy home is a source of pride for any family. That is why households spend for cleaning, maintaining and repairing the home. Cleaning your home shouldn’t end with the places you see and use daily–you should also think about the important hidden areas of your home.

You shouldn’t ignore the air ducts when it comes to maintaining the cleanliness of your home. Choose qualified and experienced companies which can expertly clean the air ducts in Orem, Provo, Salt Lake City or anywhere else your home may be.

Risk for allergies and respiratory illness

Your living space is in constant danger of contamination from dust, pollution and microorganisms that are potentially harmful to health. If there is a problem with indoor air quality, the people living in the house may develop illnesses, in particular, diseases that affect the respiratory system.

One of the factors that influence the quality of breathable air is the state of the heating and cooling system. Without regular maintenance, the components may accumulate dust particles. High levels of moisture and humidity encourage the growth of molds and other microorganisms. Different types of allergens and particulates may then enter the system, exposing your family to them.

Adequate cleaning maintains high air quality

Industry standards have already been established to maximize the benefits of regular air duct cleaning. Service providers employ a variety of methods that are all proven effective in removing pollutants, allergens, and potential sources of infection.

Remember that accumulation of dust is not enough to cause respiratory disease unless someone in your family is already at risk due to immune disorders, or has chronic lung disease. Having air ducts with heavy deposits of debris, however, may worsen existing health problems. Investing in the services of expert cleaners is a smart and practical move. Your household will only benefit from their services, however, if they do a meticulous job of cleaning your air duct system.

How to Invest in Property with a Small Capital

Property InvestmentLeasing property is a risky and more often than not, a pricey investment. With the right strategy and timing, however, you’ll get much profit even if you start small. If you want to venture into the property-leasing business at a limited capital, consider these things:

Management rights

Property owners have to handle everything from the development to maintenance of units and amenities, which are costly. If you don’t have much capital to cover everything, buy management rights instead. Resort Brokers Australia notes that management rights will let you maintain the property and gives you authority to lease the property on the owner’s behalf in exchange for a considerable salary, as well. You don’t have to worry about the costs, as you’re only in charge of managing the property.

Property off the plan

Most developers offer their properties for sale “off the plan” at lower rates even before construction is over. Buying off the plan saves money and gives you more time to look for tenants and accumulate funds for furnishing the property. You only have to pay the initial instalment, which is about 10% of the current market value, as well as, make subsequent small deposits to own the property.

Make sure that you decide on every detail when buying off the plan. Keep in mind that timing is everything; the earlier you buy, the more affordable the property will be. Study the property’s quality and potential to attract tenants to ensure that you’re getting a good deal.

Foreclosed properties

Foreclosed properties are those that banks retrieve from people who are unable to pay their debts. Buying these properties save you more money, as they’ll usually sell it at low prices to liquidate these assets and get their money back. Take note that these properties are most likely in bad condition. If you’re buying one, make sure that your capital can handle the maintenance costs. Better yet, look for a property that doesn’t require much repairs to save money. Be sure that these properties are strategic, as well.

You don’t need millions to invest in property. Buying the right property at the right time will help you start your property leasing business with a small capital.

More for Less: Why Bargaining Isn’t Settling for Less

BargainGreat things come in small packages—and sometimes they come without a box and are sometimes damaged, dented and scratched. This does not make them any less great than they really are.

This is why people go for bargains. These are often the sample appliances or the ones display for demonstration in malls and stores. For the main reason that they are already used, they’re priced at largely discounted price.

For a much lesser cost, you get the function of the appliance you need. Just because they cost less does not mean their value is any less than the brand new ones. Here’s why you’re getting more for less with bargains:


Wholesalers know that their items are priced lower because consumers are less likely to patronize used and damaged products. Because of this, they package them very attractively by pairing them up with other goodies.

You’ll find good package bundles from kitchen to washing needs, and even entertainment needs in shops like Nino’s Trading Company. Like all things at a bargain, you get them all at a very reasonable and affordable price.

By the Bulk

Bargain seekers are usually those that own a business and want to get more for a low price. Without conglomerates serving as intermediaries in business, customers get raw, base prices for their supplies. This means cheaper capital and more money for your other business necessities.

Freedom of Choice

Wholesalers are usually more flexible with their deals and this gives consumers more freedom in their purchase, and since most of them aim to please and sell, the customer’s way is frequently followed. This is where your haggling skills and charm should work hand in hand.

By asserting your rights and privileges, you are able to get your money’s worth, for sure.

The next time you invest in appliances or heavy duty machinery, why not look into wholesale bargains and look for a cheaper alternative that can deliver the same quality of services than that of a new one.

You’ll never know until you try.

Put Your Business on the Map: Why Geotagging is the Answer

Geotagging ‫improves businessYou know how you fill your map with pins to mark the places you want to go to someday? That’s geotagging, almost literally, because obviously, you can’t really put a pin on different countries’ soil if you want to visit them. Online, on the other hand, you can bookmark them and maybe pin them on Pinterest as well.

But we aren’t really strangers to this tool, since most social media networks carry this feature. Right? In Australia alone, there are countless businesses that have gone online, especially home services.

Thanks to Google’s newest start-up investment, and possible upcoming product businesses can now become searchable to clients who need their products and services, location wise. While the tech giant is not the only one invested in connecting businesses with their local customers, more search providers have developed features to cater to the consumers’ need for different products and services.

So how can this improve your business? BambrickMedia.com.au‘s search engine optimisation experts, lets you in on how this tool can positively affect your business.

Market Sharing

The possible search results that come up for each searcher’s query will be affected by the information gathered by Google, especially the location.

How does this share market, you ask? Well, upon integrating businesses and their area of responsibility, local businesses have the opportunity to thrive in their own towns. This gives startups a better opportunity for recognition and growth. So put your business on the map by specifying where your services and products can possibly reach.

Easier Access to Goods

This feature, however, comes a little after when Google integrates this feature in the search function—consumers can easily purchase goods and services as easy as just searching for it.

This revolutionary update will change the face of search and its purpose as well. Either way it is good for businesses, since the decision-making happens immediately and would give them higher chances to profit.

Being closer to your market is an advantage, but letting them know you are just around the corner is an even better leverage. Stay relevant to your market and reach them better by Geotagging your business.

Is SEO a Thing of the Past?

search engineSome individuals believe that SEO is now a thing of the past. Stuffing keywords and keyword phrases in a webpage doesn’t do the trick of ranking among the top of Google search results anymore. In the past, the more frequent you use a keyword or a keyword phrase, the more likely it was to come up and rank in organic search. This method is now obsolete.

With the sophistication it has achieved over the recent years, Google is now experiencing a paradigm shift from words to meaning.

What You Need to Know About Semantics

According to Perth-based dmb.com.au, to use search engine optimisation to get your brand across, you don’t have to stuff your content with keywords and keyword phrases just to make it sure that it will appear on top of the results. Google now uses a feature called semantics, wherein Google ranks your pages based on how meaningful the content is, and not on how frequent the keywords were used.

Meaning More Than Keywords

For instance, you are looking for an ‘auto repair shop in Perth’, Google can give you a myriad of different results based on how frequent the individual keywords were used, from auto repair shops, to do-it-yourself tips on auto repair, to shops and stores found in Perth. This could provide users a bunch of irrelevant content that might affect his overall experience.

With semantics, Google will look up for ‘shops’ that ‘repair’‘auto’ around ‘Perth,’ and then searches for repair shops that fit the description.

Semantics Upgrades User Experience

Google’s move to apply semantics in pulling up relevant pages for the user has also dramatically changed how businesses are creating their digital footprint. Instead of thinking only about how potential customers could find their pages through their keywords, businesses now have to think on how to generate helpful, informative content to make their pages appear relevant to its users.

Optimising your content for business is far from being dead. Google just became more sophisticated and more user-oriented, and businesses today are being challenged to be as sophisticated and as user-oriented as well.

Management Tricks for Faster Communication Transfer

communicationCommunication is undeniably one of the most vital aspects of company operations. Business owners and contributors need constant correspondence to finalize decisions and deliver. With the urgency of data transfer, companies are continually searching for faster and more efficient means of communication.

Achieve this by maximizing two important assets of your company – technology and people.

Through Technology

From telegraph to computers, technology bestowed people with faster ways to communicate. More than these machineries and equipment, use technology to your advantage by using software geared to this purpose. While most companies already employ inter-company instant messaging, amp up your office communication by asking your provider for video conference services, cloud storage, and other forms of technology. Explore and utilize other forms of messaging other than email and phone calls.

Facilitate business transactions while out of the office or discuss urgent matters with someone from distant locations through different channels. These can also ease communication with clients since most businesspeople prefer settling deals as quickly as possible. You may set up meetings and talk about the details without the necessity of travelling to each other’s location. This will not just save time for your company, but also for future operational expenses.

Through People

Your employees are the most essential part of the communication transfer. Break possible communication barriers by analyzing employee behaviors. Both physical and emotional walls are bad for effective office correspondence. You may need to rearrange your office layout to give out announcements faster. Assigning OICs especially for officials out of the office is important in dealing with pressing issues.

Improve your employees’ communication skills by arranging seminars. Enhance interaction by encouraging them to share their ideas and give their feedback. Detect and eliminate internal conflicts that may limit people from sharing information. Most importantly, promote and initiate face-to-face conversations even with the presence of technology.

Increase the efficiency of your office communication through the combination of your company’s two important resources. Encourage your employees to share ideas and information. At the same time. Use technology to facilitate the transfer of this information.

Making Your Kid’s Dental Appointment Fun and Tearless

Child comfortable to dentistsYour kid’s first dentist visit may very well be one of the most frightening moments of his or her life. Most of them just have this fear, especially when they see the dental tools up close. As a parent, it’s your responsibility along with the dentist to make your child feel safe and comfortable. Here are some tips to do just that.

Begin Early

The earlier you take your child to the dentist, the less prone he or she becomes afraid of dental visits. You can set regular preventive visits as early as he or she turns one or grows a tooth. This way, your child will feel like a dentist visit is just a normal day.

Don’t Go into Detail

You know how children’s imaginations go. That’s why you must not divulge a lot of details, especially hours or minutes before going to the dentist. This can trigger unnecessary anxiety that may cause them to permanently fear dentists. The best thing to do is just keep a positive attitude and tell your kid why it’s important to visit a dentist.

Don’t Take Them to Your Appointment

Some parents think that letting their children tag along during their dental appointments is beneficial, but it actually isn’t. You yourself may feel anxious, and if your kids see this, it will affect them drastically. Adult dental procedures are also much complicated than those for kids.

Visit a Kid-Friendly Dental Office

Look for a reliable kids’ dentist in Millcreek like saltlakepediatricdentist.com that has a kid-friendly office. The video games, toys, children’s books, vibrant walls, and pretty paintings can easily distract kids and set them in a good mood. The more comfortable the environment is, the better the appointment will go.

Be supportive of your kid, especially if it’s his or her first time to visit a dentist. Be prepared for some fussing, but just show your support and never get angry in the dental office.

How to Improve Your HR Practices

human resource departmentAre you having a difficult time acquiring or retaining talent? Startups not only face the daunting task of keeping their company afloat, but also hiring and keeping talent that drives their business forward.

The human resource department makes the decision to hire talented personnel and provides ways to keep them satisfied. Startups need all the help they can get to stay competitive. HumanOutsource.com.au and other companies provide your start-up with advice and services about the best human resource practices to improve your business.

Understand Motivation for Work

Money is not the only motivation of employees for staying in a company. There are employees looking to master their skills, autonomy in their jobs, or they find purpose in the work they do. Understanding the motivation of employees help you identify ways to boost their performance. Provide mentorship programs in their department, group huddles that discuss strengths and weaknesses, or allowing them to bring their kids to work on certain days are a few ways to motivate your workforce.

Culture Fit

Rewards and a high salary may attract talent, but the culture will keep them for years. The culture you cultivate may start with the dress code, how you address or treat each other. There are companies that propagate a family company culture to optimise productivity and make new employees feel included. The connection and inclusiveness in a company culture develop trust and communication within the company. Before hiring, screen potential employees if they fit into your company culture.


Setting expectations when you screen potential employees create the initial impression of your company’s management style. Be transparent and consistent during the screening process. Tell the potential employee about the company’s culture, monetary and non-monetary benefits, and the work he or she will be doing to avoid confusion after hiring. Transparency helps your business find and keep talented employees.

Improving your human resource practices boost employee performance and find talent to help your company grow.

Moneymaking on the Web: Why Use an Expert for All Your PPC Needs

Moneymaking on webGoogle has changed the way it does things so much that programmers and others who are in this business have a hard time keeping up. One of the most important areas these changes have affected online businesses is either through pay-per-click (PPC) or SEO.

Below, C1-Partners.com shares some information every business with a website should know:


SEO can be a very helpful tool for those who want their websites to be more visible than the others. But, this process can take time before businesses can see actual results. That is why PPC is becoming a popular alternative for many online entrepreneurs. It can efficiently deliver a substantial amount of traffic to a website in a short time, but it can also be very tricky; even old-timers could make mistakes.

Keyword Search

There are many things to consider when using PPC as a strategy. First is finding the correct keywords that will make your business highly visible in major search engines. There may be free tools online that you could use; there are also expensive ones that require monthly payments, but these are all automatic. This is why it’s best to hire an actual consultant that rely on software to do the task for you.

Tracking Sales

Tracking means to keep updates of your sales and where these actually come from. Analysts and experts would check which keywords worked, and which placements are more visible to clients. They will monitor your website’s traffic to come up with better strategies to maximize the sales.

Earn More While You Earn More

Of course, hiring an expert would mean spending a portion of the company’s money, but this expenditure is worth it. If you have someone taking care of your PPC, then you have all the time to manage the other operations as well. This would mean that your PPC earns more money for you while you earn more taking care of the other aspects of your business.